Innovations in Board & Director

Innovations in Board and Director Evaluations for Sophisticated Boards

Board members are typically highly accomplished businesspeople who have a track record of jaw-dropping achievements. So how can boards empower their directors in terms of board and director evaluations? More sophisticated directors are increasingly demanding more from their board and individual director evaluation processes. Beverly Behan, who routinely works with boards in the S&P1500, Fortune 500 and other public company boards in the US, Canada and around the world, will lead a discussion on the latest innovations in board and director evaluations.

Key Subjects include:

  • Creating Board 2.0
  • A new approach that blows the socks off any skills matrix and creates boards that many Chairs and CEOs can only dream about
  • The New Director 360
  • A dynamite new offering designed in 2019 for a Fortune 100 board that included an icon of American business –the final stage in a truly world-class director onboarding program
  • Board composition benchmarking
  • An attention-getter that uses your compensation peer group in a brand-new way
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