Roles, Responsibilities and Remuneration

Global Governance Advisors (“GGA”) is partnering with the Governance Professionals of Canada (“GPC”) to publish the Report on Governance Professionals Responsibilities & Remuneration. This year’s report continued to examine governance professional roles, responsibilities and compensation among member organizations. This detailed report provides unique insights and in-depth data and analysis to assist in benchmarking organizations' governance professional remuneration practices, roles and responsibilities.

Join our moderator Lynn Beauregard, and panellists Paul Gryglewicz and Peter Landers in a discussion addressing this report and much more. The panel will also analyze ISS guideline updates and trends surrounding disclosures, proposed implementation and changes to current Canadian stock option rules and how to prepare for them.


  • The evolution of the governance professional and current trends in compensation and responsibilities
  • The impact of technology in the boardroom
  • ISS guideline update and trends surrounding disclosures
  • Proposed implementation and changes to current Canadian stock option rules and how to effectively prepare for these stock option rule changes
  • How the Canadian stock option rules might impact compensation and the attraction, retention and motivation of high-performing executive teams
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The Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) was created in 1994, shortly after the Dey Report was published by the TSX on ‘Where Are the Directors’. GPC‘s mandate is to be the voice of governance professionals in Canada. Its members deal with all matters affecting corporate governance, from board and committee processes, management and structure, disclosure, stakeholder engagement, legal and corporate compliance, as well as issues crucial to boards, their accountability and oversight.