24th Annual GPC Conference on Corporate Governance

 Expanding Horizons in Governance: Leading and Embracing Transformation

The GPC annual conference brings together participants from all across Canada and features two full days of expert panels, workshops and breakout sessions on top of mind issues, leading practices, and the evolving corporate governance landscape in Canada and internationally. This year's theme, Expanding Horizons in Governance: Leading and Embracing Transformation, will also stir up important dialogues and explore the new frontiers of governance and the impact on your organization.  
The conference attracts between 350 and 400 governance professionals from organizations of all sectors across Canada (including Corporate Secretaries, General Counsel, Head of Legal, Compliance and Risk, CEOs, CFOs and Board Members), and presents a unique opportunity to learn about the current recommended practices in governance. In addition to bringing in some of Canada's top governance practitioners, academics and thought leaders as speakers, the delegates will also have a chance to meet some of their counterparts through our many networking opportunities and social events, as well as to learn from one another and benchmark their practices.  

Here are just a few of the themes and leading practices to look forward to hearing all about at this year’s conference:

  • The evolving role of the Governance Professional
  • Key emerging trends in Governance
  • Board Diversity
  • Purpose governance
  • Climate risk governance
  • Director Term limits
  • ISO 37000 Governance
  • Board Innovation and strategy
  • Board Succession
  • AI Governance
  • ESG Compliance
  • Setting up the Governance Professional for success
  • …and MORE!!!


Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations can be made up to July 15, 2022 @ 12noon EST. All cancellations must be received by email to [email protected] and are subject to a $150 administration fee. No credits or refunds will be given for cancellations received after July 15, 2022 @ 12 noon EST.

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8/21/2022 2:00 PM - 8/23/2022 5:00 PM
Pacific Daylight Time
Delta Hotel By Marriot Grand Okanagan Resort 1310 Water St. Kelowna BC V1Y 9P3 CANADA
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Sunday, 21 August 2022

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
7:00 PM

Monday, 22 August 2022

7:30 AM - 8:15 AM
7:30 AM
8:15 AM - 8:45 AM
8:15 AM
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
9:00 AM
Session 2C:  Transform your Ethics Reporting (and whistleblowing) to support the ESG strategy
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
2:30 PM

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

7:30 AM - 8:15 AM
7:30 AM
Setting the organization up for success on ESG risk oversight
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM
8:45 AM
10:10 AM
2:00 PM

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The Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) was created in 1994, shortly after the Dey Report was published by the TSX on ‘Where Are the Directors’. GPC‘s mandate is to be the voice of governance professionals in Canada. Its members deal with all matters affecting corporate governance, from board and committee processes, management and structure, disclosure, stakeholder engagement, legal and corporate compliance, as well as issues crucial to boards, their accountability and oversight.